BGT Acquisition Accomplished!

The day began early in Portland. Being on East Coast time works well for Goldmans. It makes being ready at the crack of dawn much easier.

We were up and ready before dawn, actually. So we had to wait until British Car Care opened before we could go pick up the car.

It was kind of like Christmas morning, having to wait upstairs until everyone was awake before you could go into the living room and look at the shiny packages that were left under the tree.

After a few cups of coffee and a fortifying breakfast of scrambled eggs with fresh spinach and mushrooms, it was finally time to leave. Ali drove us about 15 minutes from her house to the shop.

And here she is:

The first look.

The first look.

Chad Cansler, the owner of British Car Care, had her beautifully posed right in front of his shop.

“He’s got her parked in the rain?” Googie’s first comment. It is Portland after all, I told him. I expected nothing less.

Chad came out to greet us. The first in-person meeting with the mechanic Googie found on Google.

Googie meets Chad Cansler within minutes of seeing his new car.

Googie meets Chad Cansler within minutes of seeing his new car.

You just never know what you’re going to find on the Internets. We could have ended up with some random British Car stalker. But we didn’t. Good karma abounds with this deal, so far.

Take a look at this great looking shop:

British Motor Care shop

British Motor Care shop

Ali and I dropped Googie and the shop with Chad so he could go over his new baby with a fine toothed comb.

Googie got all up under that car and checked out her nether regions. In his dress blue sweater, I might add.

See, there's a motor.

See, there’s a motor.

Ali and I hit the Columbia outlet store.

Then we all met back at the house for the christening.

Bubbles for the christening.

Bubbles for the christening.

Tomorrow — wheels on the road.

11 thoughts on “BGT Acquisition Accomplished!

  1. Marty

    Nice British Racing Green, looking good.
    Wonder if they parked it outside in the rain to hide the oil leakage…LOL
    Have a great time, enjoy the moment…Vrooom:)

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