Communication is Essential for Quality Leadership

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The quality of the communication defines the leader. I participated in a Twitter chat last night moderated by Lolly Daskal. She’s been doing it every Tuesday night using the hashtag #leadfromwithin for I don’t know how long because I just started participating.

It’s fast and fun. But more importantly, these chats encourage sharing and introspectiveness that I hadn’t thought possible from the seemingly straight forward questions she asks.

I can’t replace the immediacy of the chat in this post, but this will give you a flavor. Here are her questions, my responses and some highlights from others who participated in her chat on communication:

If you have a chance next Tuesday night, you should join the #leadfromwithin chat on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Communication is Essential for Quality Leadership

  1. Lolly Daskal

    Great recap of CRACK THE CODE OF COMMUNICATION at #leadfromwithin

    The best practice of our chat at #leadfromwithin has always been – and will always be- even though I might have the perfect answer, what I learn from others is more important. By retweeting we are complimenting another, it is says I resonate with what you are saying.

    #leadfromwithin is a family of leaders from around the world who retweet each other and let others know what they say it matters.

    Thanks so much for highlighting this amazing community.


    1. Kathryn Post author


      I’m not sure how I found your community while wandering around the Twittersphere, but I’m glad I did. I have a great time on the #leadfromwithin chats. They are on my Tuesday night calendar now. The fastest hour in the week.


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