Rolling Out — First Day on the Road

Snug in the cockpit.

Snug in the cockpit.

All packed and ready to go, we headed out this morning with Ali yelling behind us, “Wrong way!”

It took our reliable GPS a few minutes to realize it was on the West Coast. A couple of U-turns later and we were going in the right direction. Due south on I-5.

By the end of the day we covered 440 miles finishing in Fortuna, California.

The car behaved like she had been set free at last. GT means “Grand Touring” and that is what we began today.

We left I-5 and started on the Redwood Highway just as the sun was going down. We drove another hour in the dark and rainy night.

A few minutes after we left Portland, we stopped to take our first photo for the Moss Motoring Challenge:

Our first point in the challenge -- the State of Oregon.

Our first point in the challenge — the State of Oregon.

There was only one mechanical issue. We were about 30 minutes into the trip when Googie told me we had to pull over. The oil pressure gauge read zero. The car was running like a charm, so we weren’t overly worried about it — probably the gauge.

Googie popped the hood, took the wires off the terminals, scraped them with his pen knife and all was right with the gauge. Fixed!

The weather prediction was for 30% chance of rain. It was sunny when we left Portland, but the clouds soon rolled in. We figure we drove in about 80% actual rain. Windshield wipers did their job.

Oregon from the road, rain clouds rolling through.

Oregon from the road, rain clouds rolling through.

More Moss Motoring challenge photos. It was a six point day.

The GT at an airport (with plane).

The GT at an airport (with plane).

The GT with a waterfall -- 2 points!

The GT with a waterfall — 2 points!

13 thoughts on “Rolling Out — First Day on the Road

  1. John Cahan

    Moving along very nicely. The Googster looks a bit dazed at the airport. Tell him to put on the ol’ smile next photo. Love the GT tales. Have lots of fun kiddos!

  2. David Glasgow

    Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’. Looks like, in typical British car fashion, your defogger struggled to keep up right from the get go. Heading south should fix that! If you want that picture from Conzelman Rd. today don’t miss your exit in Sausalito or you’ll be committed to crossing the GG.

    1. Kathryn Post author

      Thanks for the Sausalito exit tip. I do want that picture. It’s still rainy and foggy today. Hopefully there will be some visibility.

      The defogger worked just fine, but the passenger side windshield wiper is going to get replaced this morning.

  3. dennis simon

    On the road. The real fun has begun…Let me suggest you pickup a cheap tripod so we can see you both in more of the photos.

  4. Tom Minton

    When you get to wine country in California, you need to take the Silverado Trail from Calistoga to Napa. Then, if you’re sober, the Oakville/Trinity Grade over to Sonoma. The Silverado Trail is scenic. The Oakville/Trinity Grade should be scenic, but the real value is that it is a major workout for your clutch and gearbox; sort of like a twisty Longnecker Rd.

  5. Alison Moore

    Intrepid travelers! Well done. So glad the car delivered as expected. Looking forward to the next report already. Happy motoring!

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