Roundup April 2014

This roundup of interesting posts from April includes posts about writers and writing, craft, business, blogging, technology tips and the writing lifestyle. Many people have been looking into a crystal ball to see where e-book publishing is headed. Others are focusing on tips to make e-book publishing more efficient.

Will Self-Pub Dwindle When There’s Less Backlist for Authors to Exploit? by Jane Friedman on April 24, 2014. Publishing industry trends and analysis.

How to Load EBooks Onto a Kindle or iPad by Molly Green on April 22, 2014. Basic “how to” needed to keep the self-pub industry chugging.

The Mesa Refuge, A Writer’s Retreat on the Bluffs of Tomales Bay by Flannery Patton on April 21, 2014. A beautiful spot for your writing voice to emerge.

How to Save a Webpage into OneNote from Chrome by me on April 21, 2014. A tip for organizing a writing tool across multiple platforms.

The Periodic Table of Storytelling by James Harris on A beautiful and practical chart that breakdowns the chemistry of a story. WARNING: You may spend a lot of time here.

Five Warning Signs Your Story Needs Revision by Kristen Lamb on April 17, 2014. Writing craft advice on spotting the need for an editor.

1 Million Page Views Later, How I Am Blogging Different by Dave Schneider on April 16, 2014. Practical steps for freshening up a blog to make it more effective.

Literary vs. Genre Fiction: Which Do You Prefer? by Jami Gold on April 15, 2014. The first post in a fabulous conversation about perspectives in literary and genre fiction. Be sure to read the series of posts and comments.

The Top 8 Traits of the YA Bully by Christine on April 15, 2014. A key piece in the continuing deconstruction of the YA novel.

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