GoldmanFullSizeKathryn Miller Goldman is an intellectual property attorney in Baltimore, Maryland and practices in the firm of Goldman & Minton, P.C.

She started this personal website so she doesn’t have to write in the third person about herself, if she doesn’t want to. She plans to learn the craft of fiction writing and write about the learning process. Her practice work will be posted as Flash Fiction.

Part of the process involves learning about blogging, marketing and writing tools. There are posts on those topics here, as well.

Ms. Goldman’s work-in-progress is a story about coal mining in West Virginia in the early 1900’s. Because that subject is of particular interest, there are posts about coal, energy and history tagged #NotCleanCoal.

Her full attorney bio can be found here.

The opinions and beliefs Kathryn expresses on this blog are her own, and anyone else’s if they chose to have them. One of those beliefs is that access to useful legal information should be affordable in general, and for small business, authors and artists in particular.

You can learn more about her practice by visiting charmcitylegal.com.