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The beauty of in-air wifi. Updating the blog while listening to the Avett Brothers station on Pandora.

This is the portion of the trip least anticipated. Cattle car ride to Portland via San Antonio, then Phoenix. In a couple of days, we’ll be driving right back through these towns from the other direction.

Everything is safely stowed in the cargo compartment of the plane (gotta’ have faith, it’s the season of faith) — the nearly matching little suitcases filled with a wide variety of clothes. Warm, winter weather togs tucked next to flip flops and bathing suits.

Matching Cabela tote bags both with camo-styling (mine trimmed in pink). One filled with the MGB GT “How to Fix Everything” book and almost 50 lbs. of tools. And duck tape, of course, in a Union Jack pattern. That would be Googie’s. The other has the emergency candles mom always told me to pack in the car since the day I got my license.

Of course, the candles are for Hannukah, right? We’ll use the extra fuel pump as a Menorah. Keeping the faith.

All the electronics are in the carry-ons. I will be ever connected. This trip will test Verizon’s 4G superior coverage claims. Especially through the desert on the way to the London Bridge.

The new Historic tags are in the carry-on, too. Because losing them in transit would throw one of those wrenches meant to fix nothing that’s going to break into the plan and screw it right up, now wouldn’t it?

So, everything is where it’s meant to be. Including us. And we’ll all arrive together in Portland where Ali will pick us up at the airport 15 minutes after British Car Care closes. So, Googie has to wait until tomorrow to see our new baby girl.

Googie asked me how I could be so sure the BGT is a girl. I mean what makes a girl car anyway? Well, I’m not positive, but I feel strongly I’m right even without an amnio. We’ll see how she acts when we get her on the road, and she may reveal herself otherwise. So, stay tuned.

Rest assured we started the trip last night in typical Goldman style. . . shots of 1800 at the hotel bar. Probably won’t be the last.

4 thoughts on “Preparation and Anticipation |Travel Day

  1. Uncle Willy

    Have a BLAST! Looking forward to reading how it all unfolds.
    BTW… I thought ALL cars were female, as they are to be admired and pampered; when they look their best, they are elegant and beautiful, not handsome. Finally, they can make even the ugliest man look like a million bucks when they are under his arm (that would be the left arm/elbow, resting on the open driver’s side window).

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