Roundup February 2014

This roundup of posts from last month (and a few from January) includes stories about writers and writing, both craft and business, as well as the publishing industry.

There are also articles on technology, energy and issues relating to the health of our planet. There was some interest in the weather last month. And, of course, some posts about the law.

Business and marketing posts generally make an appearance in these monthly roundups because I like to see what other people are doing. They help keep everybody’s skills sharp.

A Writer’s Residency in the Georgia Mountains by Alexis Grant on February 28, 2014. Writing craft.

10 Apps to Help a Writer Stayed Focused by Frances Caballo on February 25, 2014. Writing craft.

What Makes a Romance Believable? by Jami Gold on February 25, 2014. Writing craft.

Waffle House Shows Atlanta How to Handle a Snow Storm by Cliff Oxford on February 17, 2014. Extreme winter weather.

A Victory Against Author Solutions by David Gaughran on February 14, 2014. Publishing industry trends.

Don’t Sell Cheap U.S. Coal to Asia by Michael Riodan on February 13, 2014. Energy policy.

Visual Arts Professionals and Fair Use: Self-Censorship and Missing the Future by Patricia Aufderheide on January 30, 2014. Copyright law.

The Anatomy of a High Converting Blog Page Layout by Tim Soulo on January 28, 2014. Business and Marketing.

Questions From Steve Zacharius, CEO and President of Kensington by Joe Konrath on January 19, 2014. Publishing industry trends.

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    1. Kathryn Post author

      I am indeed, or perhaps a conference. I am working on exercising my writer’s muscles with flash fiction and short stories. Then we’ll see where that takes me.

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